Interact with people

we got a lot of people to take part in our project. We got rejected sometimes maybe the person was busy, but most people were happy to take part and are very curious about what the other people have written. When we ask them to write down their belief, most of them stopped and think for a while, and this is what we want; to get people thinking, then we also given them the instagram account so they can check on others' answers.

It wasn't easy shopping for the materials.

I had to go to 3 different shops to get them, they either run out of the material, too expensive or at different thickness. Then I had to take them to Kings cross campus to get them cut in the plastic workshop.

Today we have to work on an interact piece, with a starting point of a quote. We were put into teams of two, and Marnie and me got the quote ' I confuse things with their names, that is believe' by Jean Paul Satre. We first started working on the word Confuse and Names, and came up with several ideas(see sketchbook). But then when we think of the quote more, together with the research of Jean Paul Satre, we think we should start to work on the work Belief.

Our final plan is to collect people's beliefs, and create an instagarm and upload everyone's answer. This is because we think that Belief is something that everyone thinks they have, but no one can really define it, so by creating an instagram people can see what other put as their beliefs and how different the answers are. All anonymously. We will be collecting people's beliefs by letting them write with a marker on a piece of mirror,  using the material Mirror; actually mirrored acrylic, is because it is a reflexive material, we think that it would reflect the person writing it, also that Mirror is a material that look aesthetically nice and it can also create a dreamy but confusing feeling.

At home with what i have already collected, I was trying to figure out a way to display them. I tried to arrange them in a straight line, or like a question mark, however we both think it would look too 'artificial' and decided to drop it.

As my partner had to work on the Wednesday, we really didn't have long to work on the whole project. So we met up early on Thursday morning, still with a lot of mirrors that are still blank, it was lucky at that time there are a few people at school already, so we asked for their help to write their beliefs as well, and this time instead of giving the mirror to as, we asked them to place it on a wall, anywhere they like; people seems to enjoy this and very soon we got all the mirrors up on the wall. 

overall I think the project went well, and it should be continued. As we struggled with time.

From this project I can now see the power of interact, now I think people would really love to take part in interesting interactive acts, at the same time we as designers/artists would have the chance to learn about the audience and the target market.  


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