We started by cutting out the contents of a slide of newspaper, in order to define the 'invisible grid' that has been used for the layout of the paper. This exercise enabled me to see how important the grid is in publications and layouts, how they affects the overall feel of the paper, and how easy it is to be ignored.. but a designer should always realize such things and really work on them.  

We then had to go outside and look for things that are somehow linked to 'grids'. some of them are very visible and recognizable, but some are 'hidden', only if you look closely you could then recognize the pattern within them.

I have created a grid mainly inspired by the tiles on the floor, I like the 'interlocking' of the rectangles, and I think using this grid in publications would allow a balanced amount of text and images.

                        Publication Design.
Children's colour Poem.

I decided to make a publication for a children's colour poem, using some of the pictures I took during looking for inspiration to create the grid.

During the production and printing of the publication, some of the main problems and difficulties were; getting used to the software Adobe Indesign (also on Imacs), playing with the organization and shape and style of the text and images, but when getting to the print stage some of the fonts didn't work. Also the pritning has been a pain, not to mention the expensive price, setting the printer for double sided print and booklet print took me a long time, but with the help of classmates and internet tutorials, I finally got an outcome.

However I think I can improve my final outcome by changing the material, making the photos better quality and also adding more details to the design of the publication.


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