Made to persuade

Today I realised how important it is for designers to always know what is happening now around the world, especially the visual communication designers, which is us....

we were asked to read the day's paper, finding pieces of information that interest or make us feel strongly about, I found an article on child abuse, as most people would like to care about others, I think this is a good starting point.

So I started thinking about people who needs care and help, found an inspirational concept about the drinking water issue in the developing countries from the book 'advertising is dead, long live advertising'. And I started research into this issue, the results are shocking how many people live without safe water, so I decided to work with this concept as I feel that we should help these people as much as we can, and that is what I want to persuade people to think as well.

Through all the designing and development, I think I have gained a lot of experiences, I used both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the label for my water bottle, trying out different layouts and fonts, also that I had to research information about the drinking water issue.

I am also considering making one of more posters for my display stand or the product, so I tried photographing my bottle in several different environment including the toilet, as one of the bottle is called toilet water.

Made To Persuade event and display.

I displayed my water bottles together with 3 different posters, one of each topic to go with the design of the bottles; toilet water, toxic water and dirty water.

I also placed a donation box, with another poster showing information of this concept, where the money will go and how the money would make a difference on people's lives.

I am very pleased with this project, I have 'sold' 13 bottles of 'dirty water' out of 15, and raised a total donation of 15 pounds.

I think the display of my product can be improved, a lot, seeing what other student have done, mine wasn't really attractive (2 girls actually thought it was real toilet water in the bottle), but I believe it has passed on my message, persuaded people to think about those people in need,  this is my favourite project so far because I feel like I have learnt so much and actually done something good!


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