Friday 09/01/15

Project Briefing, presentation by Paula Rego's work partner, then we went to the house of illustration to see the exhibition, the exhibition consists of works of Rego and Honore Daumier, and they have been selected by Rego, the juxtaposition is very thoughtful, as Rego has almost pair up the works that are similar.

The exhibition has been divided into 3 sections; in public, in private and in secret, subjecting situations that happens outside, in everyday life and also inside feelings and emotions.

Through the exhibition, I was amazed by the work created by both artist, I especially like their working techniques and also how they portray a character, I found a lot of interesting facial expressions in the works, as all the works are related to people; the facial expressions of a character often represent their emotions, which I thought is very interesting and I am considering do this theme for my zine.

Tuesday 13/01/15

progress tutorial on our zine ideas, after the tutorial and seeing what other students are doing I now have a direction on where I want to take my project forward, I am planning to make a 'expression guide', inspired by Rego and Daumier's work.

Thursday 15/01/15

Today we had the bookbinding workshop, which is very helpful in order for us to explore the different types of binding and finishing, that we could possibly use for our publications. I found the shape and size of the publication, also the choice of paper can really affect the final outcome.

I have started collecting people's 'feelings', by asking them questions such as What makes you angry? what makes you happy? what makes you feel sad? what annoys you? and what are you scared of? people can give out answers anonymously. 

I am planing to make a photo screen print for my cover, using faces with expressions in Daumier and Rego's work.

Friday 16/01/15

I went to the print workshop in Archway to make my photo silkscreen print, I have selected and prepared some facial expressions from Daumier's work, one each of Sad, Happy, Angry, Annoy, Fear and Excite. 

Screen printing involves a lot of cleaning up, using the stencil remover and water pressure gun. 

To make a photo silk screen stencil, I first spread a thin layer of photosensitive emulsion on the screen and let it dry. You then take a black image on transparent or translucent surface, place it against the screen, and then expose the screen to light. The light causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the fabric. Then the printing part is easy like the normal stencil printing.

I tried the print on different materials, tried on South Bank paper and gray thick tracing paper. I did some ideas of book covers or packaging. 

19/01/15 Monday

I started working on the contents of my zine, I did researches on human facial expressions and emotions, gathered all the information, grouped with the feedback from people into 6 groups of emotions. 

All the layout and design have been done using Adobe indesign.

20/01/15 Tuesday

Experimenting print onto different paper for different texture and feelings, I have chosen a champagne coloured Canford paper for the cover of the book, this is because it is stronger and thicker than copier paper, also the colour and slight texture on it makes the final outcome look very professional.

lots of problems during printing booklet using the school print system, as the printers in archway and kings cross are different; one is laserjet and one is inkjet, so when I needed to print on tracing paper I had to go to kings cross, also because I am printing onto my own paper, therefore I can not print a booklet, so I had to manually change the paper direction in order to get the contents right.


21-22/01/15 Wednesday +Thursday

Continue working on printing. to produce 5 zines.

experiment the most appropriate bookbinding technique, decided on binding 3 sets of pages as I have quite a lot of pages. At the end attach to the cover, place in the sleeve and place the belly band on the finished zine. done!

Friday 23/01/15 Private view at the House Of Illustration

I think it has been a very successful event, lot of audience and good experience, I have sold 3 copies during the event.

Also it was such a good opportunity for us to see the other students' work, it is inspirational to see how everyone started from the same place and then took different routes to make a final outcome, there have been many amazing works; I was truly attracted either by the design of the product itself, or the story/information that is in the contents.

Wednesday 28/01/15 Crit with Graphic BA staff

I was delighted that my work has been selected by the BA staff to be talked about; I received compliments about the design of the book, the packaging and the publishing, also comments about the contents are interesting, however I have been pointed out that I should consider a bit more about the balance between text and images, as at the moment my zine is still a bit light on texts. I think this is what I should be improving on.


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