40 hours of wind drawing
Tuesday 27/01/15

Today in class we had group discussion about our 40 hours project, and I have decided to do my wind drawing project. I am really looking forward to this project as I think it is an interesting idea, and because I can leave the work for hours so I can get on with my portfolio preparation, but however I need to try out if this idea would work.

I first started experimenting different pens to see which is the most appropriate, and I have decided to use Berol Fine writer, because it is able to create fine lines, that are either lighter or darker, also the ink spreads a bit when left on the paper, this is how I want it to be because the wind wouldn't always be blowing.

Wednesday 28/01/15

after I have left the pen on the branches for 8 hours yesterday, I found that it is not the most suitable place, because it only records the wind from left and right, and I lost my pen...........

I did some research on artist who have done similar things, and I found one from Tim Knowles, he did a series of project called tree drawing, which is by tying the pen on the branches of trees, and let it paint on canvas, the outcome is amazing but I have got limited resources, it is a lot harder to find big trees that he used in his project, also I don't have any stands to support my paper, so I figured out a new why which is to tie the pen on string, and hanged it on the metal door outside. 


Thursday 29/01/15

hanging the pen on the door went really well, and it not restricted by the weather. so I decided to keep doing this process for the rest 3 days in order to complete my 40 hours wind drawing.


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