This project reminded me of one of the interactive art piece my friend and I took part in during the summer holiday.

The project was called 'come clean, the infinite confession project.' By artist Hu Renyi. One of the exhibition room was full of pieces of paper that the artist asked people to write down 'say sorry about something' on the street of New York. There are also lots of objects from people that actually means something to them, something that they feel sorry about.

The other exhibition room was an installation, everyone can come in and put on an all white garment and a mask, so that people can not be recognized, then people can climb up to the desk, and write down something that they feel sorry about, and can toss it anywhere in the room.


The result of this project was really successful, we went 2 days after the opening, the room was already full of pieces of paper. I think for the importance of an interactive piece is that more people take part in, the more story can be generated. People like taking part in these kind of activities, as it is a way to express our feelings, without being known by the others, also it can be interesting to see what other people put down, it can be touching, sad, or happy.

Love wall in Tianjin

People have written down some sentences to their beloved ones on the walls.

We went to the mini makers' Faire which took part in LCC, and we found this multi-player paper rock scissors very interactive; even thogh we went after the INTERACT brief week, I still want to add this onto workflow; this was very enjoyed by the people took part in, and this is very important for an interactive design; to entertain the audience.


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