Project 3. Layout
The Grid System in Graphic Design
Notes on the Grid System

Grids, the most important and yet most invisible part of a graphic design.
This book is seriously constructed, collected all the functional and pragmatical grids (as to expect from this swiss designer), for extense book publishing just as for simple one-page text editing.

Evaluation: 4 types of publication
Aesthetica - The art & culture magazine

Picture taken of one of the October Issue, this is a magazine that is specializing in art, and it is a very posh magazine as well; good quality paper and print, all contents nicely laid out, when you are reading through the text it almost feels like visiting a gallery, the text and image are all at a comfortable size and position. There are a nice balance of text and images, and also a lot of spaces, left blank, so there are never too much going on at one time, and it is pleasant and relaxing to read.

Fashion - A new megazine about Shopping

Fashion is a magazine from the makers of Women. It is all about fashion products that are on trend in the market at the moment. Like the other entertainment + gossip magazines, there are a big amount of photos and graphics in it. The quality of the prints are good, but the paper is very thin and light. The editor has tried hard to fit as much pictures as possible in one page, and i feel dazzled when i read it. I normally read this type of publications when I am waiting, or having breakfast, and I only scan the text and mainly looking at the graphics.

Time out London - magazine for music, food and fashion

They are news-paper-like-magazines. They publish weekly, the contents are all about things to do within London. It is almost like a travel guide. I check it every time friends come over, for some new places to take them to. The quality of the printing is ok, and the paper is thin and light as well like the fashion magazines. But it certainly has more 'design' in, as there are lots of text and images, however they are arranged to be easily readable. It is very simple to find the information you are looking for.

Dune - Lookbook for autumn winter 14

This is like a catalogue of the new style Dune is trying to promote this coming winter, also the display of products that are or will be on sale. So the pages are clear, minimum text and lots of nicely photographed, neatly placed imageries of the products. This so the customers can look straight at the products. The publications is very good quality, the prints are high quality and the paper used is also enhancing the good quality products.


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